Let Yellow Cab Company Be Your Fontana Chauffeur

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The city of Fontana, California continues to grow exponentially with more than 200,000 residents as of 2012. Fontana serves as regional hub to the trucking industry and many other important businesses, including the KaiserPermanente-FontanaMedicalCenter. As one of the largest medical facilities in the Inland Empire region, KaiserPermanente-FontanaMedicalCenter provides emergency care, urgent care and a whole host of other medical services.

Parking and traffic surrounding the hospital facility can be challenging due to the congested roadways and truck traffic. No one wants to focus on where to park the car or how much it is going to cost when a loved one is in the hospital. And what if you’re the one that needs transportation following an outpatient procedure? Depending on other people to give you a ride can be a nightmare, so why not choose an easy, stress-free option? Yellow Cab Company operates in Fontana and the surrounding San Bernardino County; and a taxi can take you to and from the hospital any time, day or night.

Yellow Cab Company

Scheduling medical procedures is hard enough. Let Yellow Cab Company, taxi in Fontana, worry about getting you to and from your appointment so you don’t have to. No one needs added stress before undergoing surgery, no matter how minor it may be. Yellow Cab Company will give you inexpensive, high quality door-to-door service in a clean, comfortable, smoke-free environment, letting you sit back and relax as much as possible.

The next time you need to schedule an outpatient procedure, consider Yellow Cab Company for your transportation needs. Five people ride for the price of one, so if you want someone else with you, the cost never goes up. Grab a Yellow Cab taxi in Fontana and leave the extra worries at home.

About Yellow Cab Company

Yellow Cab Company provides dependable, cost effective transportation whether you are traveling to the airport or going out for a night on the town. Yellow Cab Company guarantees smoke-free, on-time, 24-hour service in clean, reliable, safe vehicles with air conditioning for those hot summer days. Visit www.yellowcab.com to set up your reservation and review discounts available in your area.


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